Privacy Policy

The site maintains the sole right to make changes or modifications to any privacy policy. If any changes are made, the site will post this change on the home page as well as in this section for you, the user, to be aware of. This will ensure you are up to date on any important privacy matters.

As a site, we will collect two different information types from the users that access this site. These are personally identifiable information as well as non-personally identifiable information.

The former of which will be discussed here. Any form of information that could be used to specifically identify a single end user is considered Personally Identifiable Information. When you access this site, and provide information (ie. Create an account, purchase an item or service, visit a partner site via a link, post anything in a forum or discussion board submit content, answer questions or request information, post a review, apply for a job through the company, etc..) you agree that you understand that this information is being collected. All information electively given through the site, browser or directly from the user is considered to be given freely. This includes personal information (credit card number, name, address, email address, etc…). Mandatory information can be refused to be shared, however, it will not permit the user to continue in their course of action on the site. Any information shared on the site is considered being given freely, if it is information you, the user, do not want stored or shared then it is at your discretion to not give it. It is here that the site is excused from responsibility of leakage of information on the part of the user.

The second information form collected is non-personally identifiable information. This is information that is collected but will not specifically identify a given user from information shared. This information is gained far more broadly and include cookies and URL information form your browser, an IP address. This information shares statistics and facts about previous internet activities. By agreeing to this, you understand that this information will be collected and agree to permit it by agreeing to this policy. This information is used by the administration of the website to study user demographics, trends, traffic patterns as well as to comply with any applicable law or to cooperate with any law enforcement activities that the site could possibly be of help to.