How to Use? (FAQ)

Pink Lady Deals UAE is an easy and smart way for women to get huge price savings on fun places, services, and activities in their cities. From restaurants to theaters, spas, stores, and special events---Pink Lady finds the very best businesses in your city to offer one deal each day, at an incredibly low price.

Using Pink Lady Deals is easy:

  1. Check online everyday to see the new deal, or subscribe to our daily alerts, and the deal will be emailed to you automatically.
  2. If you see a deal you want, just click on BUY button and you will be directed to payment options page where you chose to make payment as per your convenience. You will only be charged once the deal has been activated and then closes after the time limit is reached.
  3. To make sure the deal achieves its target of buyers, tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  4. Once the target is reached, Pink Lady Deals emails you a printable coupon that you can redeem at the merchant.
  5. Act quickly, as each deal also has a maximum number of buyers the merchant will allow, and then it closes.

It’s so easy.

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Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below or Contact Us.


Can men buy and use Pink Lady Deals?

Yes, of course! We may be designed for women, but we would never deprive our masculine counterparts of such lovely indulgences! Plus, many of our Deals are designed for use by couples and families.... So go on, Boys, what are you waiting for?!

How do I buy from Pink Lady Deals?

Just click on the "BUY" button next to the daily deal and chose the payment option as per your convenience. If the minimum number of buyers joins you, then your credit card will be billed and you will get to print out a Pink Lady Deals coupon by email from us.

Why do you have a maximum and minimum number of buyers on each deal?

We believe that the 'might of many' allows our merchants to see a huge inflow of buyers that makes it attractive to them to offer us these deals at deep discounts. But we don't want to overwhelm them, because then you might get less quality service than we intended. And you would have to wait to get a reservation we carefully manage the deals, the merchant benefits and, most importantly, our subscribers get exactly the perfect service they expected. No reason to send tens of thousands of subscribers to a deal - that's just CRAZY!! If we sent too many, the merchant could be buried and maybe even driven out of business... so we manage it with JUST the right client flow.

How much time do I have to use Pink Lady Deals coupon?

It is good for  following the date you buy it, unless we tell you in advance that it will be less, which is up to the merchant to decide - so for 365 days the love is yours to use and feel unless the deal describes a shorter time!

Can I give Pink Lady Deals's coupon as a gift to someone else?

You bet you can! It is a GREAT gift. Even if your name is on it, others can use it if you gift it to them.

Can I use part of a Pink Lady Deals coupon and get a cash refund for the unused portion?

No, that doesn't use it ALL up and have fun!!


What if the merchant closes before I can use the coupon, or if they discontinue the service that I bought... can I get a refund?

If anything like that happens, you get a refund! We are always on your side.

Why should I tell my friends about Pink Lady Deals?

This is all about "the might of many"- the more friends jump in, the faster a deal gets over the 'minimum' hurdle and we want to pole vault over the hurdle FAST! And once over the hurdle, the deal is available to everyone who buys a coupon until we reach a maximum that the merchant has determined - and at that point, the target is reached and the deal is closed to new buyers.

Can I get a Free Deal?

You bet you can! All you have to do is to buy any of our deals with a total of 50 AED coupon price in a month and you got it. Just click on 'GRAB' to send us your coupon IDs and there you have it. We will send you email which will allow you to print you coupon for the Free Deal.

What if I send you Coupon codes of two different users... Will I get a Free Deal?

In order to avail Pink Lady Deals Free Deal, both Coupon codes must be from same user.

Do you offer deals seven days a week, twenty four hours a day?

Pretty much...once in a while we like to relax on weekends and look for other great deals, but we are generally a seven day a week store of goodies! And once in a while, we carry a special deal over the whole weekend so more fans can buy it over a longer offering period.

What kind of discounts does Pink Lady Deals offer?

We pledge that we will always provide discounts from 50%-90% off and you will always know the size of the discount in advance.

How can I make sure I will get Pink Lady Deals emails?

Today's email systems employ very strict SPAM filters and new senders may be wrongfully treated as spammers. If you have not received our emails, check your Junk/Bulk folder and, add our email to your address book. This will guarantee that the emails go directly to your Inbox.

Do I need to sign up a group of people in order to get the deal?

No, our vast database of subscribers will suffice. What you might want to do is to invite your friends to join you in buying the deal using Facebook, Twitter and email.

Do I have to use my coupon the same day of the purchase?

No. Coupons have an expiration date (usually from 1-3 months) so you have plenty of time to redeem it. Please, check each deal's terms as they vary.

Is my personal and credit card information safe?

Pink Lady Deals do not collect any credit cards related information. When you chose to pay by credit card, you will be redirected to a third party payment gateway which  utilize 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your credit card information. This is an industry standard used by many of the most well know websites in the world.

Can I return a Coupon?

All transactions are final unless the merchant for which you bought the coupon is no longer in business or denies it for reasons beyond your control. In this case, the money you paid for your coupon will be returned.

Do you ever remove merchant reviews?

We only remove comments when someone is using offensive language or making personal attacks on others. We take this very seriously as we want Pink Lady Deals comments and reviews to be a pleasant environment for all our users.

Am I billed as soon as I join Pink Lady Deals?

No! It's free to become a member of Pink Lady Deals. When you see a deal you like, buy it by chosing your payment method.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire and Cash payment.

Once I have bought a deal, how do I use it?

You’ll receive an email saying your deal is ready to be used. Then, you can:

  • Sign into "Your Account", click on "My Stuff" tab and print your coupon.

I gave a coupon as a gift to someone but my name is still on it. Is that a problem?

This is not a problem at all. Regardless of the name on the coupon, it's still transferable. You can also buy more than one coupon in your name and give them to whomever you choose. Even if those coupons have your name written on them, they will have unique codes that merchants will be able to track so, no worries. You can also buy deals for your friends or loved ones as a gift and write their names on the coupon and they will be delivered automatically to their emails and ready to print.

How can I feature my business on Pink Lady Deals?

Yes! Check out Become a Partner.

I still have questions that haven’t been answered.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.