Get rid of your skin impurities with Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and Eyebrow threading for only 49 AED instead of 160 AED

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• Pay 08 AED to get the coupon and 41 AED after the service
• Coupon valid till 15 August '12
• Can be redeemed after 12 May '12
• You can buy upto 5 coupons
• Can be given as Gift
• Not valid with other coupons or offers
• Not valid for cash/resale
• Valid ONLY for women
• Prior appointment required
• 10% off on other services in same visit
• MUST present Coupon at Salon to redeem services


  • • 1 hour MARIA DOWLING Deep Pore Cleansing Facial treatment
  • • Application of various essential oils for specific therapeutic benefits
  • • Extracts impurities from clogged pores and controls oil production
  • • Eyebrow Threading

If you think about it, your mother was actually right those many years ago, when she told you that you should always wash your face, keep your nails trim and neat, and people would know exactly the kind of girl you are just by looking at you...

Sadly, perhaps more so for my mother than for myself, the "personal pride" aspect of grooming has always escaped me - why do to myself in a haphazard and spectacularly unimpressive fashion what I can pay professionals to do in a way that only a true pro can pull off?  Alas, occasionally rational thought does play a part in my decision making, so we've been trying to cook up a way for you girls to afford to be both well groomed AND financially savvy (mothers do ask a lot, but I have learned they generally do know best).

maria dowling deep cleansing facial

The Deep Pore Cleanse will rid your skin of impurities through deeply cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and hydrating your skin. Bella's Deep Cleansing Facial is for 60 minutes and includes a steam to open up the pores, then an exfoliation to get rid of any dry skin, and extractions. In this facial, you girls will also have soothing creams and lotions applied to replenish the moisture in your face, plus a mask, peel, and a facial massage, to get it looking and feeling like new!


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